Simple Line Icons

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Simple line icons with CSS, SASS, LESS & Web-fonts files.

Preview & Docs

You can find a cheat sheet of the complete set of icons at Simple Line Icons - GitHub Pages


via npm

npm install simple-line-icons --save

via bower

bower install simple-line-icons --save

via cdnjs

Alternatively, you can also clone or download this repository as zip.

If you are a designer, you can use this creative cloud library in your project.

Customizing LESS/SASS variables


@simple-line-font-path     : "/path/to/font/files";
@simple-line-font-family   : "desired-name-font-family";
@simple-line-icon-prefix   : prefix-;


$simple-line-font-path     : "/path/to/font/files";
$simple-line-font-family   : "desired-name-font-family";
$simple-line-icon-prefix   : "prefix-";


Jamal Jama for creating this awesome webfont & Ahmad Firoz for extending it further.


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Contributions are more then welcome. Keep them coming!
Please make sure you have read our guide line.


You’re free to use the web-font in a template/theme intended for sale on marketplaces like ThemeForest.

CSS, SCSS & LESS files are under MIT License.